FermiSurfer on Web

We can use FermiSurfer on Web at the following URL: https://fermisurfer.osdn.jp/js/index.php

Control FermiSurfer on Web

Although we are planning to port all functions of the app version of Fermisurfer, part of them have not been supported yet.

How to input file

Fermi surfaces are displayed by choosing a local FRMSF file (BXSF is not supported yet) through the file-explore at left top of the window. Several time-lag may be expected.

Open online file

We can open an input file placed online by just clicking the link by a URL with an argument:


We add the URL where the input file locates after https://fermisurfer.osdn.jp/js/index.php?frmsf=. This function can be used in research-introduction pages.

The input file Pb.js is as follows:

frmsf="16 16 16 1 2 -0.67303315756516724 0.67303315756516724 ... ";

This is a javascript source in which a single-lined string generated by replacing new-line letters in FRMSF-formatted file with spaces is inputted into a variable frmsf. BXSF format has not been supported.

We can convert a FRMSF-formatted file into the above format as

sed -e '1i frmsf="' -e '$a ";' ANY.frmsf | perl -pe 's/\n/ /g' | sed -E -e 's/ +/ /g' -e 's/" /"/g' -e 's/ "/"/g' > ANY.js

The following bash script file also do this conversion



$ bash frmsf2js.sh ANY.frmsf

where ANY is an arbitrary string. Then a file ANY.js which should be uploaded onto an Web server is generated.